The hub of the North.


Stormarn is ideally situated in a central position in the North of Germany and lies within the immediate vicinity of Hamburg and Lübeck. This location, combined with the excellent transport infrastructure and connections, has enabled Stormarn to become a thriving commercial hub. It is well positioned for East-West commerce between Baltic Sea and Eastern Europe and North-South trade between Scandinavia and the South. Stormarn has an excellent transportation and communication infrastructure that allow direct and fast connection both inside the province and swift access to other regions. Stormarn is well served by four major federal motorways, the soon to be completed A20 extension will provide a bridge across the River Elbe towards Hamburg. Within the province, Stormarn also has a widespread network of well-kept Federal highways and country roads. A well-integrated public bus network complement an extensive rail network, including fast inter-city rail connections and a comprehensive underground system. Together these provide a fully integrated Public Transport infrastructure network. Thanks to these versatile transport links, both the residents and companies of Stormarn have quick access to the ports and ferries of Hamburg and Lübeck. Also within easy reach, are the major airports of Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel and Lübeck-Blankensee.



Via the extensive transport network the inhabitants of Stormarn arrive quickly and easily at the harbour in Hamburg and the Baltic Sea.

With train connections in all directions, the integrated railway system ensures the central location of Stormarn to be a real advantage.

Whether from East to West or from North to South, thanks to the excellent highway and road networks the Stormarn citizens reach their destinations quickly, as if by magic.