Investment that makes sense

Technologiezentrum Trenthorst

To date, a numerous and wide variety of companies have re-located to Stormarn, supported by the Wirtschafts-und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn (WAS). This includes a total of 750 hectares of commercial real estate in 11 locations – A growing trend demonstrated by an additional further 120 hectares of commercial real estate expected to be utilised in the coming next few years. Today, the service-industry and modern enterprises such as the chemical industry make up the backbone of the Stormarn economy. They benefit from a highly qualified, highly skilled workforce provided by Stormarn and the nearby universities of Lübeck and Hamburg. Re-location out of Stormarn is extremely low. This due to the fact companies benefit from ideal commercial conditions, they remain here and experience strong growth. Many other entrepreneurs and enterprises have found locating in Stormarn to be beneficial for their business. Whether it is High-Tech, Logistic, Consumer or the food industry, these companies benefit from the advantages of being in Stormarn. At the same time they contribute to growth and wealth of Stormarn.



Innovation and progress have their homeland in Stormarn. In this respect, the institute for Ecological Agriculture Trenthorst (Institut für ökologischen Landbau Trenthorst) has been opened on Dec 5th, 2000. There are further technological centres in Ahrensburg and Trittau, through theses Stormarn promotes endogenous Technologies.

"My decision for the Stormarn location was spot on. The most positive point for me was the lack of bureaucracy l found when I submitted my application. The normally long and frustrating process with tedious paperwork was completed within one day."

Recently the EFRE Development Programme of the European Union is promoting regions with robust economies like Stormarn. In this respect, Stormarn has employed a dedicated person to coordinate specific activities between Stormarn and the EU.