Nationwide in the lead – Top in Schleswig Holstein

In terms of purchasing power Stormarn belongs to the "Top Ten" of the 294 German Federal districts and in Schleswig-Holstein Stormarn is often in 1st place. Stormarn possesses a comparatively low unemployment-rate, it is experiencing a strong growth established firms, and it is also attracting newer high-tech enterprises like a magnet. This success is no coincidence: Centrally located in North Germany, the proximity to the metropolises of Hamburg and Lübeck, with their ports and airports provides Stormarn with additional advantages. Equally important are the optimal transport connections via road and rail that closely link Stormarn to the 2 Hanseatic cities. Other factors combine to enhance the reputation Stormarn as a good location. For instance, the well-located low-priced commercial real estate and the low tax rates are further advantages that companies in Stormarn can enjoy. One significant advantage for companies wishing to locate in Stormarn is the Wirtschafts- und Aufbaugesellschaft Stormarn (WAS) (Stormarn Commerce and Development Association). The WAS association has been promoting commercial development in Stormarn with both strategic and tactical initiatives for more than 60 years. The WAS provides business advice resources, for example, the WAS can advise "Start-ups" and existing investors with company location and re-location, financing, funding and sponsorships etc.

For more than 60 years the Wirtschafts und Aufbaugeselleschaft Stormarn has been supporting Start-ups and owners of existing companies to find a suitable new location in Stormarn.

Hohe Kaufkraft


With low unemployment and high purchasing power: The employees as well as the Enterprises feel comfortable in Stormarn.