The ideal environment for young families to live and prosper

Kindheit in intakter Natur

More and more people are discovering that Stormarn is an ideal place to live. This is especially true for young families, they find a lot of space to develop: With 766 km² Stormarn is slightly larger than Hamburg, however, it is not over-crowded, having close to a 10-fold lower population density than Hamburg. An integrated fabric of nurseries, a good variety and mix of schools, attractive leisure time facilities and the nearness to the North Sea and Baltic Sea coastlines offer the perfect conditions for a happy and prosperous family life. The older children are also well served; the university towns of Hamburg, Lübeck and Kiel provide plentiful opportunities for a successful further education.

Aktive Freizeitgestaltung


A lot of free space and a well-preserved natural environment are the finest ingredients for a happy childhood.

Stormarn offers almost unlimited possibilities for recreational activities. The province contains a large network of bicycle lanes and hiking trails, there are "beaches" at idyllic lakes, or perhaps pony trekking and horse riding, waterways for canoeing and lakes for sailing. Additionally Stormarn can offer museums to browse and a multitude of "places of interest" for sightseeing and unforgettable excursions. In many ways the inhabitants are spoilt for choice.

The multitude of integrated childcare facilities together with the variety and quality of schools provide an ideal environment to offer children the best foundation for them to secure a successful and happy life.