Stormarn – direct neighbour of the "Gateway to the World"

Whether it is the tranquil living in the countryside or perhaps in idyllic urban cities the citizens are just a stone’s throw from the world famous city of Hamburg. Stormarn belongs to the Hamburg metropolitan region consequently it combines some of the most varied aspects of a rich and full life. Thanks to the convenient transport systems there is practically no difference time wise to visit the "Gateway to the World" from a Hamburg outer suburb or from the Stormarn province. Hamburg provides a wide variety of varied recreational activities: Whether it is strolling through the fish market or the Reeperbahn, a round-trip cruise in the harbour, maybe visiting the Michel-church, opera, cinema, theatre, museums, or perhaps shopping in the Mönkebergstreet – you can be sure everything is within easy reach.

Anziehungspunkt Hamburg

Hamburger Fischmarkt

The fish market, with approximately 5 million visitors per year, is one of the most popular sight seeing attractions of Hamburg.

The Reeperbahn is another major Hamburg attraction. There you can find the famous Davidswache – and close by the St. Pauli Theatre, Schmidt Theater and Schmidts Tivoli.

Hamburger Hafen

One of the best ways to see the Hamburg is a cruise on a barge.