Nature – the greatest asset of Stormarn

Despite the ongoing urban development of cities and municipalities, in Stormarn the citizens and nature live in harmony. Town and Country Planning balancing the needs of people with those of nature achieve this accord. More than 2/3 of the provincial landscape is given over to forests and meadows and more than 50% of the province is protected as nature conservation areas. There are currently 18 protected nature conservation areas providing local recreation facilities, fortunately the trend is increasing. Whether its Hahnheide, Stormarner Schweiz, Billetal or Glinder Au; for a long time now the inhabitants of Hamburg and Lübeck have also discovered the beauty Stormarn province. They make visiting Stormarn an integral part of their recreational activities. The interlinking network of the bridle paths, cycle and hiking trails, lakes with idyllic beaches for swimming or rivers for romantic canoeing trips provide unforgettable experiences to actively enjoy the pristine nature.


To live where others go to in their spare-time: Stormarn has a lot of recreational and leisure activities to offer.

Under you can get a first impression of the depth and variety of the leisure amenities Stormarn can offer.



On horseback in the nature: The bridle path network invites the Stormarn inhabitants and their guests to long relaxing rides.